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Intel Global Hero Award Ceremony

October 27, 2017

In 2015, Intel honored me with the Intel Involved Global Hero Award for my volunteer work with TiE Young Entrepreneurs and the e-NABLE movement. Intel is the rare employer that celebrates the work done by employees in the Community. To make that clear, each cause I worked with also received a cash donation towards their missions.  Winners of all kinds of Intel Awards are invited to a yearly celebration. This celebration was held at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Each award was celebrated in turn, from Intel Achievement Awards to Intel Quality Awards to Intel Involved awards. Each was presented by an Intel VP who discussed the importance of the work and each team was invited onstage to give a short talk. My award presentation was a little different. It started with a moving rendition of “Man in the Mirror.”  Following that, Roz Hudnell, VP of Intel Corporate Affairs spoke about Intel Involved’s mission to give back. She spoke eloquently about my work teaching high school students and 3D printing prosthetic hands, in a way that made me feel I was doing big things.  She invited me onstage to receive an amazing handmade aluminum sculpture and to share my thoughts. Speaking about my work and trying to inspire others onstage at Mann’s Theater was an unreal experience. I walked away to a standing ovation. Unforgettable.

This gallery is a taste of that amazing experience.

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