Here you’ll find videos of my presentations or activities, updated regularly.

Thanks to 3D Universe for having me on a panel discussion on April 29, 2020 around 3D Printing, e-NABLE in education. I got to talk a little about mentoring Eagle Scouts who are 3D printing hands and documenting them for the community. It’s incredible to help Eagles expand their definition of their community from neighborhood to the world!
I spoke about the last 10 years of the Portland startup ecosystem alongside other luminaries at the NewTech PDX, January 2020 meetup.
A panel discussion about creating a culture of decision quality and the DQ Canvas at DAAG 2019, the conference of the Society of Decision Professionals.
An overview of my 3D printing projects for Cyborg Camp, a group of dreamers and technologists that comes together each year to imagine the future.
Part 2 of IdeaLab at TiE Global Summit 3, where students build low resolution prototypes and presentations for their ideas. Amazing what can be created in about 1 hour, with a theme, a goal, and a time limit!
Late 2018 I ran IdeaLab at TiE Global Summit 3 in Delhi, with 100 adults and students. This time we had students create ideas merging machine learning and sustainability.
Early 2018 I returned to TiE Global Summit 2 in Mumbai and facilitated IdeaLab with 300 students from government and slum schools. The energy was palpable and incredible, and students were able to create ideas relevant to their own communities in about an hour.
In 2016 I led a group of 300 students and adults IdeaLab at TiE Global Summit (Delhi). See how the students created amazing startup ideas in about an hour from just a few words.

My talk at the TCT show in Birmingham (2017) about closing the loop between design, sensors, and data to create a smart, highly personalized wearable. The presentation also discusses automation of generative design to meet the need of customisations and what that means for the 3D Printing workflow.

In May 2017 I had the opportunity to address a group of entrepreneurs, government agencies, and startups assembled by the National Institute of Health (NIH / NCMRR) around development of assistive devices and a process by which startups and corporations could work together to achieve common goals.
A five-minute overview of my work with the UNYQ Scoliosis brace, Sensors, and Generative design at the Tech Association of Oregon IGNITE talks, in 2017.
In 2016 I had the pleasure of speaking at the Autodesk REAL conference about my role in 3D printing prosthetic hands for children in need. This is the story of the e-NABLE movement as well as my personal journey of discovery and give-back.
I sat on a panel discussion around the Internet of Things sponsored by Design Museum Portland. The highlight for me was showing how simply one can gather crowd data, by passing around a sensor controlled by my phone amongst the crowd (about 1 minute in). Check out this overview of the event.
A great primer on 3D printing I made to the New Tech meetup in 2014.