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In 2014 Intel invited me to speak about how corporations work with startups. At the time I was working for UP Global, the parent company of Startup Weekend, as a Corporate Innovation manager. My part starts at the 19:10 mark.
An enthralling podcast between me, Zahi Kakish, and Allyson Klein of Intel about how AI is being used to make lunar rovers more intelligent, in the pursuit of lunar resources and prospecting. An excellent intro to the purpose of the NASA Frontier Development Lab, one of my passion projects.
An enthralling podcast between me, Philip Ludivig, and Allyson Klein of Intel about using machine learning to create a “Moon GPS” at the NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018. With this tool, a rover can find its position anywhere on the moon using just four pictures of its surroundings!
That time I spoke about Inventiveness as a trait for resiliency in students and corporate innovators at SXSW EDU 2019!