This page contains presentations relevant to the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program and are meant for Educators and EDs. Send me feedback if you’d like to see something specific!

IdeaLab – Fun game to turn lots of ideas into a startup concept.
TiE Global Summit Delhi 2016 – Video
TiE Global Summit 2 Mumbai 2018 – Video
TiE Global Summit 3 Delhi 2018 – Part 1 | Part 2

TYE Kickoff Template – A customizable presentation to kickoff your TYE cohort!

Preparing for TYE Globals – An explanation of how TYE Phase 3 preparation works. 


Judging Criteria – A thorough explanation of the TYE judging criteria and the reasoning behind them.

Teacher Training – This is an early presentation for training new teachers in how TYE works and to get them comfortable with a few lessons.  Presentation

TiE Global Summit 3 – TYE Breakfast – This is a presentation made to TYE chapter leads and TiE Chapters interested in forming new TYE chapters.

Team Videos

Cleat Elite [Oregon, 2016]
emDREAM [Oregon, 2016 – 2nd]
Melaknow [Oregon, 2018 – 1st] 
2016 Globals Folder

Tasteback [Oregon, 2017 – Winner]

Focus Locus [Bangalore, 2019]
DoDo [Bangalore, 2019]
CredFit [Banglore, 2019]
WhatNext [Bangalore, 2019]

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