@Tim I think the confusion lies in who’s experiencing the pain. End user pain (problems) are different than business problems. In the case of entertainment, let’s separate the art from the business of entertainment. The entertainment business solves the end user’s need/desire to be entertained, but there is a deeper need. People will pay to relieve boredom, experience excitement, or to escape from their day. Entertainment businesses have a need to maximize distribution or earnings (in the case of casinos), etc. The pain they have is the rights distribution, etc. I’ve not run into a single idea or domain where a pain point couldn’t be articulated, then refined by talking to people. I’ve even done this for classifying moon rocks.

The second half of what you’re talking about sounds like self-motivation. I think it’s smart to start with transforming your own pains into ideas, then projects. You’ll see opportunity literally everywhere. However, if you’re experiencing a problem, chances others are too, so it makes sense to search for that by talking to them. After all, your goldmine will come from selling to them, not yourself 😉