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Women in 3D Printing: Mazuir Ross

June 17, 2017

3D Printing Spotlight On: Mazuir Ross, Artist and 3D Print Shop Owner

When Mazuir Ross (who also goes by the name Rosalee Moore) was a child, she’d never heard of 3D printing, as it was barely beginning to exist, but it turned out to lead her to the job she loves.

We have a lot of talented and driven people in the Portland 3D Printing Lab. Recently, the Women in 3D Printing series at 3Dprint.com interviewed one of our community’s shining stars. Maz (of mazandattero.xyz) is a uniquely talented designer whose work includes #CrowdCow and #RodinRemix, two of our most memorable group projects, as well as a 3d printing curriculum for students that blurs the lines between art and engineering. In this candid, heartfelt article (linked above), you’ll learn where Maz comes from and how 3D printing literally changed the direction of her life. I’ve learned a few things working with Maz, but the most important is that you should never count yourself out of the game. I’m proud and honored to have played a small part in her 3D printing journey and to call her a friend!


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