colorizing app for mother and father iconic photo looks good. I was fortunate enough to be there to take this pic. For some reason, my father would not allow himself to be photographed. Even though at one point in his life he was a professional photographer. He gave me box camera as a birthday present when I was 12 years old. With that began my journey into taking photos of all family occasions and having a history of our large extended family.

My parents photo was taken during the summer of 1967. I asked my dad if it was good enough light to take photo without a flash. He checked the light out with me and making suggestion as to what aperture and focal length I should have. By then my mother has come from visiting someone. She looked great. Hesitantly, I asked father if I could take mother and father’s photo together. He just smiled and sat down. Mother sat next to him and I lost no time taking the photo. This is the only photo of my mother and father together. It made me very happy.