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01: A Year of Writing

January 1, 2018

I spent the end of 2017 bedridden with a stomach virus. Not my first choice for ringing in 2018, but I lost a couple pounds and had some quiet time to think. My 2017 goals included more public speaking, more cool projects, and more time spent building community.  I feel pretty good about what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Ironically, I feel like I’ve lost my online voice- I post links and videos and quick summaries, which don’t really paint a full picture of what’s in my head.

For 2018, I’m committing myself to writing once a day to improve my writing and storytelling, to let me online voice emerge.  I’m drawing inspiration from several friends, whose work you should check out.

Lee Ngo – a good friend from the Startup Weekend family, who completed this writing experiment in 2017. I’ll be picking up the baton from Lee and hope pick up his heartfelt tone.

John Biehler – My 3D Printing travel companion and Technologist, who writes a must-read technology blog.

David L Levine – my old friend, colleague turned award-winning science fiction author.

Kha Ly – a digital marketer and old soul I met offroading in Moab. He gives others the tools to find their best online voice.

Alexandra Samuel and Rob Cottingham – a creative dynamic duo whom I met in a pool at a conference for design nerds. They are multipotentialites and moving storytellers, who’ve helped me find my own speaking voice in the past year.


I’ll be documenting my journey in these areas…

  • work projects in IoT and AI / Machine Learning
  • my thoughts on Corporate Innovation and Startups working with Corps
  • passion projects in 3D printing, entrepreneurship, and teaching
  • Growing the TiE Young Entrepreneurs, the Portland 3D Printing Lab communities
  • wisdom, tips, tricks I’ve learned from teaching and mentoring
  • tools I’ve built over the years

I hope you find my writing enlighting, informative, and fun. If you’d like to help me, please share your thoughts on my blog or on social media.  Do you have a topic you’d like me to cover? Suggest it below:

Happy New Year!

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