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14: Everything I Learned About Corporate Innovation is Here

January 23, 2018

I’ve been working in Corporate Innovation systems for almost 5 years and as an Intrapreneur for a lot longer. This past year, I saw many of my fellow Intrapreneurs walk out the door for the last time, on to new challenges or simply to retire.  Before each of my Mentors, colleagues, friends left, they asked me how they could give back to the community. Each had ideas about consulting, mentoring, or advising, but I asked them to do something else: share their most imperative piece of advice or key learning freely, openly.

In the same spirit, I am going to do the same thing right here. I’ve filled out twelve titles below, covering startup-focused innovation programs, measurement, and career growth. During my #yearofwriting, I’ll write a detailed post around each one and link it back here. Bookmark this page and sign up for updates!  If you would like me to address a specific topic you don’t see here, send me a quick note using the form below or tweet at me.

The Corporate Innovator’s Bookshelf

The Art of Email Introductions

Startups Need Three Things from Corporations

Corporations Need Startups More Than They Know

Three Cs of Corporate Innovation: Co-Create, Consume, Connect

Corporate Development 2.0 (Customer First Rule)

Be Fast to No

The Hug of Death

The Startup Ladder

The One Hand Rule

Customer Validation for Corporations

Creating a Strategy in About an Hour

KPI Camp (or How to Measure Innovation Programs)

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