Shashi's Favorite Headshot

Hi, my name is Shashi Jain. I am a Portland-based entrepreneur, technologist, startup mentor, and instructor.  I currently serves at Intel Corporation as an IoT Innovation Manager, pathfinding new applications for Intel IoT modules such as Edison, Curie, and Quark D1000.  Outside of work, I organize the Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup, 3D print prosthetic hands for kids via the eNABLE community, teach innovation and entrepreneurship to high school students through TYE Oregon, and actively mentor early stage startups. I was lead organizer of Portland Startup Weekend and remains active as a facilitator and community organizer.  Everything I write on this site is my own opinion.

Here’s a few things I’ve created online:

Multiprayer – All Digambar Jain prayers with Sanskrit, English transliteration, and simple english translations, side-by-side.

DongleKong – An entrepreneur/salesperson’s ultimate geektoy: a kit that has everything you need to connect a MacBook or Ultrabook to any projector.

MatterCompilers – 3D Printer sales, service, and education. We specialize in finding the right package for startups and corporations.

SlicerShare – A repository of 3D printer slicer settings. Currently a bit of a work in progress.